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Friday, February 19, 2010

~new chapter...T.I.B.T.O.~


~c0nversati0n between L & W~

W: Hey L0ser!
 L: Hye!
W: Why u always lose..? in everything u did??
L: i d0n't know.did u think that i really want all this happen? i've try my best u know! I hate being loser.evry0ne als0.
W: Wh0 said u're loser?? h0w did u know..?
L: u said! everyone als0.even they never t0ld me but i knew it and i know they think i'm loser..
W: s0, u admit it?
L: Yes! what else i would said. the pr0ve is there. i always lose.in everything.
W: but u still a winner in certain thing rite? u als0 have an eff0rt and ability..
L: yeah! ability in sleeping,eating,chatting and cheating! i'm really expert! haha...u als0 cann0t beat me...
W: 0uh..interesting! s0, why don't u try t0 be l0ser als0 f0r that such things???
L: i've tried and i'm still trying..It's hard u kn0w..ermm can i ask u something?
W: what?
L: hurmm...why d0 pe0ple call u Winner??
W: b'c0z i can be said as a successful one coz i always succeed in whatever i did. i never fail.
L: 0ouh..u must be lucky rite. may i kn0w the secret? 0f being a success one?
W: there's n0 secret recipes or what t0 be a successful pers0n.
L: s0?? what it is?
W: it is just depends on yourself. the eff0rt that u did. eff0rt t0 change and improve urself.
L: what if 've tried my best and i've struggle t0 impr0ve myself but i still l0se?! what w0uld u say ab0ut that?
W: urmm..i d0n't kn0w. maybe that is what we call as destiny..we just plan what we want t0 be but ALLAH decide it..u need t0 accept it.there nust be reas0n of what ever happen in 0ur life...we never realised that sometimes Allah d0esn't sh0w the reas0n in this w0rld but Allah will sh0w it later..just be patient..we must just face and accept whatever situation that had been given..be str0ng 0k..? n0w u get it L?
L: hurrmmm...i think s0..but i'm still n0t satiesfied why it sh0uld happened t0 me? it never st0p u kn0w! s0metimes i've fed up and tired with all this. s0metimes als0 i feel like my life is unfair and better f0r me t0 die rather having this kind of life...life full with 0bstacle...
W: L!! why u think like that?? have u evre heard bef0re, the pers0n wh0 had the greatest test and 0bstacles is the t0ughest pers0n ever. s0, all the tests and 0bstacles that u face will make u str0ng and sometimes u never realised it. be str0ng 0k...?
L: yeah..i always remind myself ab0ut that and i d0 believe it..
W: 0k. fine! i get it.. u need 2 be str0ng and i will help u in everything u d0..
L: thanks W!! nice talk with y0u..TQ f0r everything!
W: with much pleasure..welc0me and TQ t0o....

this is  0ne 0f the way t0 m0tivated ourself..
talk t0 urself and help urself at the same time..
i learned this fr0m 0ne 0f fam0us m0tivat0r..thanx a l0t..;))
its kind 0f really w0rked!
>built self-esteem
>c0uld kn0w our weakness..

p/s: L f0r l0ser and W f0r winner..;))
i kn0w my english was really sucks!
please d0 understand me..
i'm trying my best t0 impr0ve it..!
i want band 4!!  pray for me...TQ!! ;))

 Last but n0t least!!
~salam band 4!~