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Friday, April 23, 2010

~today, tomorrow and next week...~

argh! stress with muet!
but still wasting my time watching movies..

my sista and bro will be back!
happy and excited!
long time haven't see them.
tonight also i will lock up myself inside the room and focus for muet!
with no laptop near me ok! get lost u!
.laptop dan internet.
*pengganggu utama*

tomorrow is the day!
gud luck 4 muet!
sleep early tonite.
prepare ur things k...
.smk seri perak.
here i come!
pray a lot..:)
band 4 in my hands..
*u guys please pray for me :)*

.next week.
will start my new career..
*tokeh muffin*
work hard e'an! :)
hope everything gonna be well.
pray for my bisnes!

that's all i guess..
sort of things i need to think.
ya Allah please help me and give me strength...
done with it.
love to say this..
''kejayaan takkan wujud tanpa usaha''
so chaiyok e'an...!

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