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Saturday, October 30, 2010

~rest in peace little cute..~

this song i dedicated to my little cute kitten.

"inilah saat terakhirku melihat kamu jatuh air mataku menangis pilu hanya mampu ucapkan selamat jalan..."

i can see your eyes, your last breathing before you go...far, far away from me...u left ur brother alone.he was all alone.no one left..friskies yg bnyak tu sape nak rebut2 lagi dgn ichi?
 i miss u already. -____-

orang kate kucing ade 9 nyawa...is that true? hmm i am not sure...and i wonder what will they be after that?
on my frustrated mood right now :'(
we will miss you.rest in peace kitty.... 

if you.yes you out there, if u have a kittens or cats or any animal as your pet.give them medical care if necessary k..never let them eat anything that could harm their digestive system.avoid from giving raw food (contohnye perut ikan,lemak ayam n so on) haaa food macam tu x bagus.especially for anak2 kucing.walaupun mereka tak makan tapi sekadar gigit2 je sbb gigi diorg x kuat lg nk mam bnde2 mcm tu *ni mak aku yg cakap* tapi kuman2 yg ade kat makanan mentah mcm tu kte tak tau..anak kucing macam bayi jugak..banyak bende yg x bule makan..just give them friskies,whiskas or sardin pun kire ok..jgn lupe beri minum susu...susu mak die tak berape nak bnyak kalau mak die x makan so jage makan dgn mak mak die sekali...utk anak kucing die jugak anak kucing yg korang geram gila rase nak picit2 tu haa..nak yg comel kene pandai jage k..gud luck then salam...

ichi,be strong! only you left.shine my day like always ok cute..

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