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Thursday, March 10, 2011

still alive.

salam. hey en.blog. missing you damn much! lama gila tak meluangkan masa kat sini..sort of things happen lately..kind of very very very and very busy with the camp,event,programs, test and classes..hope dat i am strong to face everything by my own..

lately my heart is empty and i dunno why. i'm very lonely without you :(
i have to be strong..to accept the reality even heart say no.but still,i have to.
impossible is nothing rite.hurmm enough said, i'm tired of crying..let bygone be bygone.
people change..just let them change..try to get along with the 'new' them..everything will be okay.

kita hidup hanya sehari. semalam sudah menjadi sejarah dan esok masih lagi di alam maya...jadi, jangan bersedih...la tahzan :)

short entry i guess..till we meet again peeps. luv u ! salam ;)

senyum sampai telinga tadi bila
 tengok number of guest of my blog almost 1000
3 minggu tak bukak.
missing my blogging world.

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