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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the mood just flew away

second day of my class. everything was fine. still good. new subjects. some might be tough some might be not really. hopefully i can bear with it. nothing much i wanna write here. last evening, walking back home with my housemate, across the field, a group of boys playing rugby. i saw someone. ok that's it. no comment.

don't wanna expect anything more. just hoping that the situation could be like before.  i'm trying to get use with it, but i've thinking for the future, for the long term period, i dun think so i can make it. i know myself and the things always get better when it turn to the way i wanna it to be. but not always happen. not this time. back to normal. that's all i wanted more than everything. 

the truth was, i miss you damn much i can't live without you :'(
yes. i've admit. i'm not ego but trying to be cool. how selfish i was.
till then, got to go. be good. salam.
are you really ok now ?
coz i think i'm not :(

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