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Sunday, April 29, 2012

PERAK to JB :)

as-salam ! kesibukan with student life made me lack of time to update you my little blog. sekarang cuti pertengahan sem. mak aih. cepat gila rasa masa berlalu. pejam celik pejam celik dah penghujung bulan 4. naik sem ni mesti busy gila dgn presentation n all sort of things :|
well, bukan tu yg nak citer sebenornyee. hehe early this semester, our HR's lecturer ada bagitau that we will be going for a trip. to Johor for the company visit. and maybe we will go to singapore as well.so i thought that it was just a plan and maybe it won't be real. but time to time, he keep remind us bout it and ask the progress bout the project with ma classmate that handle the project. with Allah's permission, our plan went very smooth and big thank you to the hea and hep as well coz approved and support some of our budget and we really feel relieved with it. syukur ;) here, i will tell a little bit detail bout our journey. am super duper excited because we are the first batch that managed to make a trip out from our country, yeah oversea uollss even the sea just sekangkang singa je. ehemm hee well, as said by our lecturer, it was a history made ! :)

FIRST DAY : 19 april 2012
as it was a public holiday on this day, our PM (ira) decided to make it earlier so we move at 8 a.m. as it should be on 2 pm at the beginning. but we change the plan ;) so before moving, we've been told bout the buddy system. pernah dengar ? alaa yg macam citer secret gaden tu. haa yg tu lah *pg tgk sekarang. hehe ohh dah undi sehari before pergi and sy dapat buddy yg ohsemm. photogenic budaknyee. and for buddy yg jaga saya, for the whole journey still tak tau sape. but all i know org tu perempuan and specky hee
excited all the way there thinking bout the buddy ! hee
stop by at Seremban's RnR if am not mistaken and looking for cool blog. our always favorite :)
adik's fav, otak2 JB
after about 10 hours on bus, finally we reach stulang. dinner there.
then we went to Danga Bay. my second time reached here. first dulu masa convo my bro. everything seems same here but some project of Iskandar Malaysia make it different.
adik beradik kelas A :)
the end of the day, we heading to uitm Larkin as our 'homestay' for few days there.this campus is majorly for pjj's student. quite nice place and it reminds me to uitm Kuantan as it is only have two blocks of apartment just like uitm padang lalang. we were really tired back then. but before sleep need to prepare stuff for the next day.ohh during this time also we know that there are one bus from uitm shah alam was sleepover here too. budak masscom katenye.

it's Friday. the day for us to complete our main objective of this trip which is, company visit. hehe early in the morning, we get ready to go to pasir gudang.ohh and budak mascomm smlam tu dress up formally with kemeja n so on this morning. none of them wearing baju kurung. heading to singapore i heard.well, have fun ;)

suddenly a woman walk to us and greet us. so we had a conversation. i thought she was the lecturer that handle a bunch of boys and girls that we saw just now but she is not. she was the lecturer of uitm larkin itself. so she was about just reach there for her work. it's friday kan. kemonn lah. worklah buddy.hehh nice talk with you madam even you were like unwelcome us there. but who cares haha ! 
the campus :)
briefing and briefing
our beloved ayahanda, En Osman :)
company ayah ira (our PM) it produces unfinished good, supplier.
the very new and convenient room
berdiri kanan sekali is ayah ira, en zainudin mohd yasin. comel je ! hehe
then we heading to Danga Bay again. to visit the Iskandar Malaysia punya site. well, suprisingly ada satu lagi bas uitm yg baru tiba jugak time tu. and bila turun rupanya they all from uitm shah alam tapi bukan yg terserempak kt uitm larkin tu. kos building i think, forgot lah.but i believe they stay at same place with us. huhu merata ada budak uitm ni ye. what a small world hehe one word, Iskandar Malaysia was awesome. i mean the IMIC. seriously cool. there are a lots of games and visual presentation that available and most of them are touch screen. kaya vetol. hoho but what to do, tiredness has killed us all the down there. fuhh, penat bergambar kot. haha =.='
three musketeers hahah
then we move on to JPO. quite far from DB. sempat tidur dalam bas. hihi
the tiresome made us unable to walk.kaki dah sakit ouh pakai kasut tinggi =.='
the best part is, while others were busy shopping, we're here gain the knowledge and experience from our senior, abg saleh (kemeja hitam). dia tgh praktikal dekat iskandar malaysia tadi tu.tu yg ajak lepak skali, dah lepas office hour kan huhu terbaiklah dengar citer die. and tajuk besar our discussion is "don't go to gov for practical" huhu sir hasnun paling semangat bila cerita pasal praktikal ni. dalam kelas punya session pun tak cukup lagi.hehew

so pegi JPO kenyang perut suka hati. walaupun tak sedap and sakit hati dengan cleaner toilet cam haram tu. haha end of our second day. really2 tired sampai hilang excited utk esok harinya. pelik bukan. yup sebab penat. tak tipu. malam, ada prank birthday warda and sarah. aku pun terprank skali. syabas lah korang lakonan sgt menjadi ! yang lelaki pun. muke innocent je hampeh. sempat singgah kedai beli tepung bagai dengan aku2 pun kena baling. kerja tim la sape lagi ciss. bebudak shah alam yg baru balik jugak time tu pelik je tgk bertepung bagai..kat tempat org tu weh. nasib bek tak kena marah or what.sir siap hampir kantoi kan prank tu. sir sempoi ! ngeh3. baru nak sakit hati and bajet mcm hot je korang ni, rupanya prank. ok sayang korang ketat2.hehe dah2 habis cerite JB. esoknyaa ? ehemm :)

stay tuned..

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