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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~koleksi mimpi..huhu~

it seems like no post lately..
long time jugakla kan.ahah
actually ade saje cume tidak dipublish lg..nak biar jd pekasam dlm peti draft t'sebut.haha
serius bnyak gile post t'simpan.
time injured aritu
cite gi hari kantin
and mcm2 lg..aiseh..
never mind this is just like my diary.i wrote u read but i keep it for the rest of my life.huhu

back to the title of this post.
'dream collection'
hurmm..thinking of something just now.
i wake up in the morning with a smile lately.
b'coz my sleep was completely awesome and kind of very interesting with the dream everyday..huhuh
everyday i dream of a lot of thing.
especially all my beloved friends..
memandangkan my sem break is still long..
so there must be a lot of dream i have..
but i will only write about the best dream that i've experienced along my sem break.

ok! until now then.
~salam mimpi!huhu~

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