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Sunday, May 29, 2011

i want it.pleaseee...

ape harus dibuat? i wanna work.hope this decision would not make me regret. i'm not well prepared either physically or mentally.seriously.zero.but then i think i really wanna try.plus, i'm not gonna be alone. i have both my beloved friends to be with me all along the journey. i hope so. but still, i'm afraid. all i need is the confident n believe towards myself coz i know i can do it if i said i want :)

leaving all the routine that i'm used with and having new routine might be hard for me to adapt with it.it might took times.but yet i'm sure i will be ok. no more online like 24/7. no more time to take fresh air in the middle of the night while playing with the guitar. ouh, i'm really gonna miss that. but for sure i rather choose my decision as i know i can't survive for next 3 months just doing nothing n with empty n broken heart.very sure i can't stand with it.heh

still, i'm in dilemma.what should i do now. they're already there and just waiting for me. but i'm not sure when should i go there.and my parents, they were like dun wanna let me go.hurmm they also dilemma maybe.worrying about to let their unexperienced daughter work far away from home. arghh i hate dis feeling. i'm afraid if sumthing bad happen, they might feel bad about me.they might have anger towards me.and seriously i dun wanna that to happen.pleasee Allah, make everything smooth.i'm begging.pleasee.

may Allah bless.amiiin

that's it.

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