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Saturday, July 2, 2011

.speechless saturday.

this is the song for the contest Yuna Inspired by Digi..cool song huh? those people in this mv were the winners for every verse that they had created. well, actually i've joined the contest too. through facebook. it was my sister's idea lah. weh, the prizes was awesome ok. canon camera(EOS 550D), guitar autogrpahed by yuna and ticket VIP to her concert. ade lg, who wins will be the special guest for the video clip of this song. awesome rite? so i've try for the second and third verse. just try. mane tau bertuah pulak tak pasal2 dpt masuk youtube or tv terus. haha *berangan. but unfortunately my verse was not selected. so proved that mine was not cool enough. hehee what ever lah. it was old story. few months ago kot. ouh and i've already forgot my sentences lah. "i don't mind baby coz u're mine." this is for the second verse kot. i guess so. lupa daaaa lupaa. ngeee~...yup rasanya betullah but for another verse totally forgot. sorry.

music video ini sgt comel kan? padahal diorg ni tak kenal sgt pun each other. good actor and actress. tehehee
I LOVE YOU YUNA ! now and always... <3
that's all for now. toodles ! happy saturday peeps ^_^

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