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Thursday, November 14, 2013



Today, as told by my SV, we will go to Sabak to sent one new Nepalese worker for his FOMEMA. this fomema is the overall medical examination to ensure that the foreign worker are good condition in health and able to work with the company. after all the examination was done, we have to wait another one week for the result through the net, then if the result is positive, we can continue sending the employment certification to the immigration office, stated that this company has employed a new Nepalese worker.

On our way to there, my sv has shared lots of things with me. she explained briefly about the process of employing new foreign worker. for me, it’s quite a complicated procedure. basically we spent almost two hours (including the journey) for the fomema to be completed. It’s quite boring while waiting for it. I watch the nurse and Nepalese doing the eye check up. we need to bring another senior Nepalese that can speak malay because new foreign worker usually were very weak in Malay language. surprisingly, they are very good in English. Yes ! their second language is English, just like us.

within an hour, all the check up was completed, on our way back, the senior Nepalese worker told that he just make the post election for his country’s general election. It all started when my SV asked him about the departure of two of his friends (our worker as well) that has already departure at Kathmandu last week. Unfortunately, he said that all public transports agency were having strike (picket) and they refuse to do their job. So, both of his friends still stranded in the hotel nearby the airport. He said that the buses will be out of order for two weeks because once any transport is moving on the road, they will burn it. It happened before and it getting worst since the climax of the general election is in another few weeks.

Alhamdulillah, Malaysia still in peace :)

*InsyaAllah next month, bring another worker for the incident report from the hospital. I’m nervous. haha

Till then, stay ! 

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