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Thursday, November 14, 2013

my very first interviewing !


Hai everyone ! actually, I had already wrote few stories to be published here, but unfortunately my pen drive was missing and I still can’t found it till today. So all my fancy stories (fancy?) also has gone like wind. so sad :/

So, today I had one experience to share with you all (even no one would ever read this).
At my workplace, (specifically internship training company) I was an assistant for the senior HR clerk. So, few days back, we had hung some job vacancy banners in front of the company. Then, job seekers from all over the place (even from KL or Sabak) started to try their luck.
We were basically seeking for a position of general worker, lorry driver (with license E) and boiler man grade 1 or 2. As I was the one who need to greet the job seekers, it was always a pleasure to ensure that the form was filled completely. Then my SV was in charge for the interview session. 

During the interview, I need to sit on my SV’s table because they’re using my temporary table J
so, I heard and saw the interview session. It was a new thing for me as it was unimagined procedure as I always thought. It was basically quite informal session, just like having a light chit chat with new comers. Few questions were asked and the production flows were told by my SV. As for me, all I saw is just a light conversation. But as the job seekers went, my SV told what was her impression and what can she saw from the person’s attitude and behaviour. I was impressed, in a blink of an eyes, she can decided whether that person can do the job or not. But of course through the questions asked as well. She was then started to compare the applicant with the previous job seekers that came to the office.

So, today. My Sv was not really feeling well. she had minor fever and cough. she received intercom call from the guard saying that someone were here for the job interview. Then, she asked me to do the same procedure as yesterday, weakly. I was shocked but then quite excited because I grab this opportunity to learn new things. Then, I started listing down the questions that told by my SV. Few minutes then, the applicant came. He was Malay, wearing informal suit and sit in front of me. I took his IC to make some copies while he was filling the application form. After that, he started asking me how to answer some confusing questions on the application form. Inside, I was actually nervous and quite afraid if I made mistakes.

So then, the interview session started. I had prepared earlier and wrote few questions on my note book. For me, it was just like a blind date, the introduction session begin *hyperbola*. so he worked with one of our client before as a driver. Unfortunately he did not fulfill our requirement for the lorry driver position because he only got GDL (license) whereby we need the driver that have license E. thus, he applied for the general worker position. As I recalled back what did my SV done yesterday during the interview, I did the same. I started explain to him the flow of the production site, working hours  and also about our products. He seems understand and eagerly wanted the job as soon as possible coz he seems not happy when I told him that we will decide in two days and we will call him later. so he went off. then my SV already decided. so it’s my job to call him to told him that news, later.

“the banners was so effective”-she said so because surprisingly they never use it before. since then, lots of job seekers enter our company to try their luck.

Yes, I was quite impressed too. because our factory located at the end of the small road, which means there is no other building after ours, so how people could notice the banners unless they pass by the company. plus, another QL’s factory which located in front also were seeking for general workers (they also hung the job vacancy banners).

Even though the interview was done informally, but it was very important to always be polite and treat them properly because we are not only the worker of the company but we bring the name of the company as well.so, this evening, one of the applicant that came earlier called. my SV answered it, then she said "wait a minute ya, nah someone want to talk with you" (she past me the phone). i was lil bit surprised and the weird feeling increased when i heard unusual male voice through the phone. i was eagerly wanted to know who was the caller.

"hello, is this miss Raihan?"
-yes, i am. may i help you sir?
"yes, i am H. the one that apply the job on Monday, when can i get the result ya?"
-oh. Mr H, wait ya. *quickly speak softly to my SV regarding to that matter* 
-ok Mr H. actually the supervisor in charge for your position was on leave today, so i'll call you tomorrow morning ok mr. 
"oh ok2. but if i get the job, when can i starts?"
-hurm we will let you know it tomorrow also..*i answered after i whispered to my sv.
"if i get the job, what should i bring?"
-that one also i will tell you through the phone later on. ok mr? thank you for calling.

then i hang up. seems like that man was eagerly seeking for a job. from his attitude and personality during the interview and so on (first impression), i can concluded that he really has that proper etiquette as an applicant. he knows what to do and how to response towards the management, most probably in the proper way. if i was the manager i would hire him, literally. then i got back to my seat. i laughed at my self, why am i so chaotic and the best part, i almost get my tongue tied (stuttered) when responding to him. hahaha funny.

later then, another person came (Indian man), he wanted to apply for a job. as usual, i took his IC and make some copies while he filled the form. my sv was in the other room at that time.so as he finished filled the form, i asked some basic questions to him. suddenly my sv came, so i handed over the interview session to her,but she said "go la interview him". i dunno why, my confidence level has decreased so I just said, "i already did  some" then i giggled. she just smile, she sit in front of the guy and start asking him questions. i went off the room and stayed at lab. few moments later i got back to my seat, the guy has gone. and i asked her, how? she said, "that guy had once worked with our HQ in 2009 but resigned." as i noticed, the guy left the box blank for 'did you ever works with *** sdn bhd' question in the form. then, my sv said, " i asked him again but he said never, so i took his ic number and i call hq to ensure it. i can see from his eyes, very something laa"

and again, i'm impressed. she really can feel it. i think if i am at her place i will believe him, literally. because from his ic, the address was at KL. and he said he move here to get married. so the percentage of he working nearby here was impossible. huhu and i started asked myself "what are you doing dear self? are you ready for all this? in future?" *huge sigh* 

till then, assalamualaikum :) 

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