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Sunday, August 14, 2011


it has been a while since my last writing. not really in the mood to write anything. looong sigh coz it all about procrastination actually. sigh and sigh.

today i woke up with thousand of feelings. some of it i might like but the rest, just give a weird feeling to me thus it create a sad expression to my face so i hate it. can't believe i was dreaming bout so many different people in my life just in one night. long night i guess. they came into my dream. my family..my schoolmates that i can say we've lost contact due the time changing. my hostel-mates that i really2 miss them all the time. and also the one who ever become my soul-mate that always be missed and wanted to meet so badly. 

people said, if someone appear in our dream that's mean he or she is the last person dat we think of before we sleep. i guess it is true. i born on july, July's people love to think about the past. can't deny it. every night before sleep must think at least about what had happened yesterday. yesterday is a past. had try to think bout the future, but can't see anything. seriously. dunno what might be happen. so all i can do is just think bout what i think i wanna think. pfftt what am i trying to say? nothing.. 
i believe some might experience the same thing as i do. please say so. or only me the abnormal one? sobs :(

i love to dream bout you. coz i know there's nothing that can fill the box of history between me and you anymore.so at least i just can fill it with the dreams. doesn't matter the dream come out with the beautiful one or even a nightmare. somehow it just make the feeling getting stronger. even though it is only a dream but it's just enough and worth it. 

conclusion, i think too much recently. night and day. just little too much.
u never know what i want ;)

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