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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'anak sulung'

Heyy all eldest child out there, you guys are rocks ! awesomenesss overloads I tell yahh :D

The story began when…..

One day, I was lying on my bed while enjoyed seeing my old photo album.i just found that album while cleaning and tidying my room. Most of the pictures were taken during my secondary school. I would say, it was the memories of my hostel life. Hehehe well I put a caption for each pictures so that I could easily recalled what is the story behind those pictures. Then there was one picture, me and my two best friends at Gua Tempurung, the caption was ‘with the Alongs’. Then I realized oh this caption was made because both of my friends were the eldest daughter in their family. then I continue looking at other picture with my mind keep recalling who else of my friends was the eldest daughter in their family.

Then I closed the album, get up from bed, went to my table and started looking for a pen and a piece of paper. ‘anak sulung’ was wrote in that paper. One by one name I wrote, starting from my childhood, secondary school, primary school, foundation and degree’s friends. then I stop writing becoz I can’t remembered any. Then I made the numbering for the list. It ends up with total of 25 persons of them all. I was quite surprised and can’t even imagine that I had a lot of my close friends that was a eldest son and daughter in their family. and the most surprisingly, they were the persons that I talk to and contact the most. during my foundation course for semester one and two. I was stayed at one apartment. there were about 13 of us in it. And 7 were the eldest daughter, which means it is almost half of us. This is such a beautiful and quite funny coincident I guess. and I am sure there must be more than this that I can think of. definitely.

So to make it clear, I try to listing down the name of my friend.

1)    Iffah nabilah
2)   Izwanny ridzwan
3)   Siti Aishah
4)   Ain Rafidah
5)   Nur Salwa
6)   Ainshamimi
7)   Niena Raymie
8)   Atikah kamari
9)   Hidayah azhar
10)Fatin izyan
11) Atikah yusni
13)Intan raihana
17)Siti nur Fatimah
18)Fatimah ahmad sawab
19)Izzati Elina
20)        Nazira S Raini
21)Nina Azamira
22)        Hafiz
23)        Bani
24)        Pakdin
25)        MZ

As I said before, I must miss some of my other eldest friends. This is all I manage recalled. Hehe

So, looks like I love being friend with eldest child huh ? my roommate, at hostel for first semester in degree was all eldest child. My roommate and housemate in degree were also mostly eldest child.

So maybe my future husband also would be the eldest son becoz he is already on the list. Bhahaha not funny? kbye.

Till then, assalamualaikum :)


Bfirst said...

'Anak sulung' rocks! Hehe ;)

.raihan.adlina. said...

yeah, of cosss ! and that Nabilah in the list definitely was you :)