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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

dream #2


Again, this is the dream I had on the next day after the previous dream collection. This time, the dream was so real and I barely can feel every moment seems so real. All the heart ache and sadness I’d felt in that dream, I still can feel it after I woke in the morning.  

I open my eyes, and I was at the unfamiliar places. It was like a camp but we stayed at hostel. As what I remembered, there are a lots of my friends, which I knew from my school, foundation program and also from my recent degree program. We stayed at uitm but I can’t recall which uitm’s hostel we were at. I can’t clearly remember I spend time, chatting with my beloved adopted sisters and my friends. It was very enjoyable and I had a great feeling to have the opportunity to see their face and talk to them again. Yes, that’s what I felt at that moment. I haven’t seen them for ages I am so missing them.

Then, I’ve reached to the scene where we are about to check out from the hostel, unfortunately someone just claimed that the hostel was on fire. and as what I remembered it has quite large number of floor in that building and we were stayed at the most top of it. Then I can see the chaos and havoc situation where by everyone were trying to save their life. I can only see people running up and down the stair from the place I stand (nearby the stair). I can’t barely see the fire or smoke at all. But the people who just coming down end up looking very messy with wet clothes and black stripe as it was causes by the smoke. Then they I heard they claimed the fire was already extinguished but it end up took few lives. I was very shocked and started to help them to bring down the persons who died., there are few of them. That eagerly feeling to know who the person was, somehow make me very sad, because all in all I must recognize them because well, it’s a camp and I must know everyone even they don’t know about me.

Then, I heard one of the victims was my bestfriend. Yes, the one who always stay beside me like all the time. the worst feeling when I just met her last week, suddenly she is gone. But I’m not going to tell who she is. I was very shocked and terrible sad until I cried hardly but without any sobbing sound. I can felt my heart was very pain to hear that news. Then the moment I saw her dead body, I feel like don’t wanna see it. Her dead body was full with the dust, dirt and blood. I cry hardly but my heart aches much more painful than that.

Few moments later, I end up at the place of the scene that already cleaned up. It is about few weeks after. I went there with one of my classmate and I dunno why since then while seeing the place, I feel terribly sad. I can’t accept the truth that one of my beloved persons has gone. All the things that we’ve planned to do and place to go together suddenly came in mind. I feel bad for not fulfilling them.

During taking my bath, I was thinking, what actually the message from this dream. And I shouted hardly inside my heart “IT WAS JUST A DREAM, THANK GOD!!”

every happiness should also has the sadness, balance them”
“do not be too excited on something, who know it might end up with the most unexciting things happened”

till then, assalamualaikum...

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