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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

we hire not fire.

“People said, it is easier to hire than fire.”

Tarikh: 30/8/2013
Gred Pekerja: TRAINEE
Perkara: Surat pengesahan keluar syarikat untuk berjumpa advisor.

Olla ! just ignore my annoying heading for this entry. hehe so, this is gonna be all about my internship stories. well, lots of thing I’ve learned here since I’ve joined this company as a trainee almost a month.(becoz i wrote this entry few week earlier). No words can exactly describe the feeling when u has turned into someone else with different title as before in a blink of an eye.

I was back then always dreaming and imagine to have my own table in an office, doing all the office job that I found interesting, just the same as it was in television. When I was a kid, I used to play “office” game with my siblings and we use books and files as our laptop. My parents once bought toy telephone which enables us to contact to each other. so, we pretend that we had lots of client calls and some of us pretend to be the clients and we made a meeting. When thinking it back, gosh we had so much FUN and it was really FUNNY.

At the first place, I was a bit nervous because we never knew what is waiting for us. As for me it is a bit though to blend with the multi cultures that have in this company, multi races as well. Since I was the Uitm’s student, which everyone should knew it was an institution for Malays and Bumiputera ONLY. I might say it’s kind of culture shock for me due to the different culture and language as well as the communication that I need to get use with it here.

2.       Luckily I was graduated from Convent High School, so I have lots of friends from other races. more or less I still can able to communicate well with them. The Managing Director and Executive Director, which is my boss was a Chinese, my lovely supervisor, whom hold the HR position was an Indian and other position which are Q.A, Accountant and Admin were all conquered by Chinese as well. I’m so lucky as in the Laboratory for the sample testing were all Malays and they are woman.

3.       For the first few days and week, I was quite unwell so mostly I’ll just keep quiet and do my own things, if and only there is something I need to ask, I will literally talk. but for the simple or personal matters, I dunno what to say, it’s a bit slouchy for me and all the staff here might thought I was snobbish and did not wanted to get along with them. I dunno, maybe I was a bit shy. And every time they asked me to go somewhere with them, for example out for lunch, I will definitely say no. or I’ll just ordered from them.

Day by day, all I learned was a new thing. It is ok for me if other staff would said something bad about me behind my back. Coz, I am in the process of learning, everything might happen, we never knew. As I was in my position of HR, I would said, it is soooo complicated being one. Imagine that you need to face different kind of problems and issues that arise like every day. Again, EVERYDAY. no wonder you might had a massive head ache due to this.

4.       Besides, among others the most important thing to focus on is whereby the welfare of all employees was protected and there should not be left behind. all I can see the manager must always and always ensure that all the employees follow the rules and regulation that set up by the company. thus, an effective communication with the supervisor from all department is a must to ensure all employees were guided all the way they were working for the company.

5.       A company are not eligible simply to fire their employee. no matter general worker or contracted worker, this is because, the employee has the right to fight or claim their eligibility on the reason they’re being terminated. that is why people said hiring is easier than firing. until now, what can I conclude from my view is that you can’t be too choosy in getting what you really want. people once said “if you don’t get what you like, like what you’ve got” . from that I could at least get rid of those negative ion and keep on accept the truth that I need to do it. I need to endure all this for future. At least for another few months.

Ask everyone, the answer would be just the same. “did you happy working in your workplace?” nayy or yayy? well, you have the answer. 

All the best to you guys too and don’t forget to pray for me! Bye J

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