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Saturday, October 5, 2013

new me? maybe..

Hey mr. blog…I haven’t been here for ages I guess. Here’s a short summary about my recent life. well, I am not studying (attend any class) anymore because I was now ‘working’ (internship program) in one of my favourite premises nearby my house. It was an awesome feeling to be experience such new experience and meeting new peoples as well. I guess I can blend with the environment quite well as I had an experience working before, it is just the situation and position is totally not the same. Seriously, working life will never be the same as student life. You might one time realize oh gosh, I miss studying. But I guess that moment hasn’t realized me yet. Maybe because I still did not feel the true colour of working life all the pressure, load of works, conflicts and so on. hey, I was just a trainee, what do you expect, right? Haha

I am still doing my thesis while working, this is really stressful because it wasn’t that simple that you might think. Lots of information and reading all those articles that you need to come out with as long as it was related to your subject matter. I pray every day that everything will be just fine and Allah will smooth my journey to end this degree course with a flying colour result. Insyaallah, amiin.

my family? (even you did not asked). They’re doing well. Now I had 3 lil cute nieces and 2 handsome nephew that I was always excited to meet them J  it seems like a routine every Friday to ask my sisters and brothers whether they will be back or not. Hurmm how about myself? For sure I was doing good and getting much ‘healthier’ day by day. (maknanya makin gemoklah) hahaha -_____-‘ seriously in most thing I’ve done, but this matter: I am give up. It was not because I never try, but it keeps failed until I can’t bear with it anymore. Sounds tough huh ? yes it was. You will never know it unless you’re in my shoes. believe me. HOWEVER, I was still very happy with myself and I believe that as long I did not disturbs other people’s life, so..who cares about the appearance rite ? 

talking about who cares, there was one young man, named S. Hafiz was trying to win my heart, but for me he will never success. I don’t know why,  it seems like I was never ready for another person to come into my life besides family and friends. As friend it’s okay he already be one but to be more than that, I wasn’t expect for anything more. please.maybe I was too overprotected as I did not want to get hurt again coz I really know how it feels, when people ruined your trust and broke their promises, just like that. It was really painful because it was a wound that you can never see the scars. So now I just believe in Allah. If the faith said, someone is there waiting for me in future, why should I let go right? Now, I just follow the flow.

what else did i miss? i'll stop here. till then, as-salam :)

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